Say you are speaking live and want everyone to become your facebook fan. Of course you could just give them the link and hope (like the cross-your-fingers kind of hope) that by the time they’ve finished networking with 20 other people after your speech is over, checked their email and texts and responded to whatever urgent thing has entered their life, driven home, and basically checked out for the evening that they will remember to get on their computer and become your facebook fan, here is another option you might want to try….

At the height of super excitement in your presentation (or whenever is most appropriate), ask them if they want to be kept up to date on all your cool tips and tricks that you will be so generously sharing. Of course they will say yes. So at this point ask them to pull out their cell phone and send a text message to 32665 (FBOOK) with the words “fan yourusername” OR “ like yourusername” (without the quotes of course).

Voilà they will instantly become your facebook fan! The best part is you didn’t have to pay for it which is even better.

Note that this only works if you have secured a vanity url (your username).

Also, their cell must be associated and verified with their facebook account so you might want to mention that if anyone is having trouble.

Have fun with this! Thanks to Mari Smith for this great tip.