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Are you a business owner or marketer looking to increase traffic to your website?

Do you want more targeted Facebook fans and brand exposure?

Perhaps you’ve dabbled in Facebook advertising, but couldn’t get it to “work” for your business?

If you want to know more about Facebook PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, you should first know some common costly mistakes which lead to failure:




Targeting mistakes

Not sure who you are targeting? Trying to target a local area with 2 million users? (HINT – that’s too many!) Demographic targeting matters and the more specific you get, the better your results will be. You could potentially waste a lot of money sending ads to the wrong people.

Ad Burnout

Facebook users get tired of seeing the same ad over and over again. And what’s worse is that once click-throughs decline advertisers will start paying higher fees. This alone can destroy the effectiveness of a campaign.

Lack of testing

How are your odds at Vegas? That’s about how effective your Facebook ads will be if you don’t test them. The image you use might not be remarkable or the headline might not be clear. By having multiple variations of your ad you’ll instantly be able to see which ad is getting the best response. Without testing you are simply guessing.


These are the most common mistakes advertisers make when using Facebook Ad Campaigns. If you’ve ever hired someone in the past to run Facebook Ads for you and got dismal results, they probably were making one or more of these common costly mistakes. They were basically running what we like to call  Lazy Facebook Ad Campaigns.

Facebook Ad Campaigns run correctly, on the other hand, will bring you:


Increased traffic


More fans and


Brand exposure


The reason is simple.


target-audience-3-xxlWith Facebook Ads you can achieve laser-like targeting like nowhere else.

Facebook advertising is unique in that it has a lot of data about their users and allows business to target specific demographics based on that data. You can target broad demographics like male vs. female or people ages 20-30, but the real power of Facebook advertising comes from what people “like”.

You can target your competitors, you can target people who not only like motorcycles but who like specific motorcycles such as Harleys. You can target women who just got engaged, workplaces or those celebrating a birthday. This niche demographic data is where Facebook advertising excels. Other forms of advertising rely mostly on what your audience is searching for. Facebook Advertising campaigns primarily rely on who your audience is.

Not only will you reach the RIGHT people in your advertising campaigns, you will reach them at a lower rate than other pay per click advertising campaigns.

Buzz Accelerator works with you to find the right audience for targeting and with our ongoing monthly Facebook Ad campaign management service, you’ll reach your goals  AND gain a competitive edge.


Why Choose Buzz Accelerator for your Facebook Ad Campaigns?


You are good at what you do and we are good at what we do. We are on Facebook everyday. Not to look at status updates and chat with our friends, but to manage ads and create effective Facebook pages for businesses just like yours. We can keep up with the necessary refreshing, testing, and creation of ad variations because that’s what we do. In the long run it saves you time and money because we get better performance by knowing and avoiding the pitfalls of running ad campaigns.

In a nutshell:

• We know how to properly use Facebook demographics so your ads reach the right audience

• We apply lessons learned from managing other campaigns to yours

• We monitor ads closely to ensure they are performing well

• We refresh ads regularly to avoid ad burnout

• We are familiar with Facebook’s ad policies, so we have a high ad approval rate

• We have been using Facebook ads since they started offering them to pages back in 2009


If you have yet to see Facebook ads work for your business, it’s time to get help from the experts.

But wait! Before you get started…


Is Facebook Advertising right for you?


Buzz Accelerator’s Facebook Ad campaign management service is ideal for businesses who have a clearly defined demographic for their product or service and are willing to invest $750+ / month in Facebook Advertising.

Our happy clients:

Trust our expertise to help them generate paid traffic
Know how to convert paid traffic into sales
Use Facebook advertising for branding, exposure, leads, and promotion of special offers
Have a good tracking system in place

If this is you then check out our Facebook Advertising Services to help you achieve your goals:

Are you ready to boost your brand?