Should You Use Facebook Advertising?

facebook advertising

Not sure whether advertising on Facebook is right for your business? Well, ask yourself:

• Do you want to increase traffic to your website?
• Do you want more brand exposure through social media?
• Do you want targeted Facebook fans that turn into real revenue?
• Did you run a Facebook PPC (pay-per-click) campaign that failed?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, Facebook may be a viable marketing solution for your brand. Even if you ran a FB campaign that failed, you may still be able to successfully market your business with Facebook. Failing with Facebook isn’t uncommon, and failure is generally due to three costly Facebook marketing mistakes:

Poor Targeting
The better you target your efforts, the better your results are likely to be. And don’t even think about trying to target a local area with “only” one million users. That’s just too many. Instead, focus your effort on a smaller base that you can more effectively target and you’re more likely to see better results.

Poor Ad Rotation
When Facebook users see the same ads over and over, they stop clicking. And once those click-through rates drop, advertisers start paying higher fees. Keeping your Facebook campaign effective means keeping it fresh.

Poor Testing
Don’t test properly—or worse, don’t test at all—and you’ll have no idea what works or why. If you’re not ready to play Russian roulette with your Facebook PPC campaigns, testing key ad elements will set you up for long-term success.

If your last Facebook ad campaign was a bust, any one of these reasons could be why. Basically, trying to run a lazy Facebook ad campaign usually doesn’t work very well and just ends up resulting in a lot of wasted effort, time and money.

Run your ad campaign on Facebook the right way, however, and you’re likely to see real results, including increases in traffic, fans and brand exposure, all of which can all mean more real, qualified leads.

Why is Facebook Advertising So Effective?
A properly run Facebook campaign can be incredibly effective because it allows you to hone in on a target audience like few other platforms. Instead of relying on a “spray and pray” strategy that’s rarely effective, a targeted Facebook campaign incorporates valuable user data that allows you to aim your efforts directly at specific demographics.

For instance, you can target broard demographics based on gender or age, or you can target hyper-specific niche demographic data, like people who “like” a particular brand of product. You can even target people who are experiencing a particular life event, like buying a home or having a baby.

With this laser-like control and focus, we can create Facebook campaigns that get your ads not just in front of people, but in front of the RIGHT people. That means lower pay-per-click and higher click-through rates for you.

Buzz Accelerator & Your Facebook Campaign
Not to sound glib, but our Facebook advertising is effective because we know how to use it for maximum effect. We are on Facebook every day managing ads, creating Facebook pages, seeing what works, and seeing what doesn’t. Our years of Facebook experience mean we know how to avoid pitfalls that less experienced Facebook marketers just don’t see coming.

Choose Buzz Accelerator for your next Facebook PPC effort and you can count on us to:

• Reach the right audience
• Monitor your ad performance
• Refresh your ads to prevent ad burnout
• Stay up-to-date with Facebook’s ad policies
• Get your Facebook ads approved
• And more.

In short, you can count on us to help you succeed.

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