Arvee is a public speaker trainer who had exceeded her personal friends Facebook limit and needed to direct new friends to her fan page. She wanted a look that was powerful, professional, unique and fun and that communicated her company’s brand which creates superstars.

The problem she needed to solve was that fans were finding her personal profile and not her fan page. Then they would friend request her but she couldn’t accept them because she had too many. This is a problem many people face when dealing with both a personal profile and a fan page using your name.

Arvee asked me if I could help solve this and we came up with a solution to put text right on the personal timeline image giving instructions to visitors for what to do. I also encouraged her to personally respond to all requests with a private message that directed fans to her fan page. In addition to solving this problem, Arvee wanted to have her fan page properly set up so it was more accessible and searchable for new potential fans.

Visually the fan page didn’t look bad—and Arvee liked the photo that was up—so the design tweaks were minor:

  • Added Arvee’s dynamic logo to the image
  • Created some cool buttons below the timeline image that had calls-to-action
  • Instead of directing people to her other social profiles the new buttons go directly to pages on her website where fans can learn more and subscribe to her email newsletter
  • Brightened and added a star to her profile image so there was more of a differentiation between her fan page profile image  and personal profile image
  • Modified the “about” blurb to have the most important keywords first (for SEO) and describe her service more effectively
Arvee Robinson Fan Page - BEFORE

Arvee Robinson Fan Page – BEFORE


Arvee Robinson Fan Page - AFTER

Arvee Robinson Fan Page – AFTER

For the optimization part the main “About” section was completely reworked to include products and services, her various websites and awards, and it was filled with keywords related to her industry. Lot of other tweaks were made to the page such as:

  • recategorizing the page from a community page to “Coach” 
  • added links to her photos
  • reorganized her photo albums
  • got her a custom url for the page so it would be easier to share the link

As for the personal page the image was replaced with a newly designed image that reflected her company’s branding and it included the instructions to direct fans to the fan page.

Arvee Robinson Personal Page - BEFORE

Arvee Robinson Personal Page – BEFORE


Arvee Robinson personal page - AFTER

Arvee Robinson personal page – AFTER


Arvee came up with a great way to communicate what she wanted visitors to do without alienating them. And it has been effective at getting new fans over to her fan page.

You can visit her page at

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